Austin & Joel are the best! It still amazes me how they are able to pack so much into the course AND see to it that we actually learn it all. I had so much fun during my time at Elite, I highly recommend the school if you’re looking to build your confidence as a bartender.


I love the bartering school. It’s definitely a career changing for someone who really wants to follow the bartending career. Joel and Austin are always ready to help with all their experience and knowledge. 5 start to this school and specially to Joel, who is a very reliable teacher and will be there to help you grow on your bartender career.


Simply Amazed by this company. This is my story: I took bartending classes with them 4 years ago. The classes were amazing. I learned A LOT. They know every tip available out there to make you an excellent Bartender. They are very knowledgeable and very nice people. They will be there for you to answer whatever questions you have. They are really up-to-date professionals, So you can rest assured that you will learn everything you need. After 4 years, I called them because I didn’t have my certificate anymore and guess what? They mailed me another one. That means this is a very serious company that keeps record of their students. Very organized and professional, I would Definitely recommend them! If you wanna be a Bartender, don’t think twice, Elite Bartending School is the place to go!



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