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Elite Bartending School and Event Staffing


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Nicole Wasko that not only teaches you the skills you need to become an elite bartender but, helps you achieve your goals with the great instructors. Your desires can become your reality in staffing you for events with an 90 percent or higher which is achievable with the dedication! Highly recommended.

Anna Lilly I just finished Elite Bartending school in the Florida Keys and absolutely loved it! I passed with a 90% overall and am now a full-fledged licensed bartender for the state of Florida.
I can't say enough about our teacher. He was full of energy, very upbeat, enthusiastic and patient. When at times I felt discouraged at my lack of abilities, he was very encouraging and complimentary.
Promised to me at signing for the class was the option to work one of the events that Elite Bartending staffs. Elite made good on that promise and, in fact, I made enough tips at that event to practically pay for the class.
Our teacher couldn't reiterate enough to be sure and send our résumé in to him so that he could make suggestions for enhancement to help ensure job placement.
I believe I learned a great deal from this class: over a hundred drinks, two-handed pours, precision free pouring, different categories of alcohol, and high volume speed rounds, among a myriad of other pertinent bartending information. I highly recommend Elite Bartending School to give you that edge and confidence needed in the competitive world of bartending in southern Florida, or anywhere for that matter.

Edwin Paz Awesome school , more than worth it you wont find a better one , honestly . They get you ready to do your best behind the bar . The instructors are amazing, extremely helpful and professional. BEST way to go if you are interested in becoming a licensed bartender.

Salomon Gil Hello everyone. I want to let you know about the excellent experience I had at Elite Bartending School. After doing an extensive investigation online and going trough each review I knew Elite Bartending School was the way to go. Since the first day of class all my expectations were met. The Instructors are really knowledgeable and passionate about bartending and passing the knowledge on to you. They not only go trough the book but give you those key tips you would only get from some that has been in the industry for years. The program is really complete and very challenging, it really pushes you to the limit in order to give you the knowledge and skills you would need in the real world. The hands on experience makes you feel comfortable behind the bar and gives you the speed of a real bartender. The installations of the school are awesome, the school is actually a real nightclub. There is a full bar where students can practice any time they want. Moreover after finishing the program students get access to the elite network where jobs opportunities are frequent. You also get a life time membership to the school you can always use to go back and refresh the knowledge learned when ever you fill like it. Had a great experience and would be recommending it to all my friends.

Ashley Van Vleet I loved elite bartending school. It gave me a lot of what I was looking for having come from working at a liquor store and selling alcohol it taught me the aspect of being on the other side behind the bar. Austin was especially helpful teaching his upbeat attitude and confidence in everybody made it fun while teaching you everything you needed to know

dayana pineiro If you want to be a fast bartender with close to perfect accuracy Elite bartending school is where you want to go. Not only do you learn varieties of the most popular drinks but you also learn perfect pouring and accuracy. Its a fun experience ! yet educational. You want to make money ? Elite Bartending School is the way !

TheDjOj Lee It is an awesome learning experience hands on learning great class size attentive instructors. You WILL leave there with a vast knowledge of bar-tending. Its no joke go there ready to learn and practice hard it will be rewarding

Andres Murguido Elite has been one of the greatest experiences I've ever had in a classroom. Not only do you learn the basics of bartending, but they prepare you for the most intense situations you can be in. Choosing elite is a great decision. I would highly recommend this school for anyone even slightly interested in bartending. Kevin, Austin, and Santi are some of the most talented and knowledgeable people in this industry. I love this place and plan on returning for everything they have to offer. If you're considering becoming a bartender, this is the place to go!!

Daniel Gomez Amazing bartending course. You WILL learn to be an efficient bartender. However, don’t kid yourself and think this is easy because it will be hard. You need to study and practice a lot to pass. The experience is really good and all instructors want you to learn. Totally recommend!!

Gabriela Frags What an awesome school. Not only you will learn everything from cocktail to shots and Martinis , but you will have fun doing it . I highly recommend this class whether you have any experience or not. 😍😍🍸🌴

Elvin Quinones I've said that when I retire that I will move from NY to the Florida Keys and bartend. Elite has given me the tools to keep the promise I made to myself. I can associate the course as bartending boot camp. The course has given me a solid foundation; the confidence and knowledge that I can build on as I gain experience in the real bartending world. Amazing that from having no bartending knowledge to having the confidence to walk behind the bar and hit the ground running thanks to Elite. Thank you!

Suzana Gligoric I couldn`t believe what you can learn in two weeks. Thank you Kevin and Miranda, you guys were the best teachers ever. I would recommend it to anybody willing to REALLY LEARN how to bartend. Anybody who thinks that can bartend just because there is a good money, please don`t do it, you gonna ruin the amazing name and reputation this school built (and with a reason).

Joe T As former military and college grad who was seeking a way to get my foot in the door as a bartender, the elite bartending school in South Beach Miami was the perfect solution. New to the area I was aware it'd be difficult without the proper training. The Elite Bartending School was both challenging and rewarding. Elite Bartending School certifies and licenses you as a certified bartender and there is no better place to do it than South Beach, Miami. Furthermore, once you complete this course and visit different bars you will see so many things your "favorite" bartenders do either unprofessionally or flat out wrong. That's my living proof that this course was legit.

Amber Salada I signed up for Elite Bartending not knowing a single thing about bartending and by the end of the week I was able to apply to any bartending job I wanted. Elite Bartending teaches their students everything they need to know with hands on practice. At first it seemed like a lot of information to learn but if you study like they tell you, you will have no problem with the class. The great thing about the school besides all of the information you gain, is that they also staff their bartenders for events. Since I received my Bartending license, Elite Bartending has staffed me for The PGA Golf Tournament and The Ultra Music Festival 2014. Everything I learned in Elite Bartending helped me be the best I could be for those events. I also had the time of my life working and made a good. Well amazing chunk of change! Elite is great because the alumni is always welcome back to practice at the open bar times to freshen up their skills. The instructors were great and helped with whatever you have trouble with and care very much that their students pass. I recommended Elite Bartending to anyone that is interested in learning the craft. The school is affordable, fun, and extends job opportunities after passing!

Syd Dean I'm currently attending this school, and all I can say is I'm excited to try some more classes they offer! The two guys that run it are awesome, and actually care about how you're improving day to day to becoming an exceptional bartender. The location is sick, and it's a lot of fun being apart of this alumni they've created for the students. The classes are small and every one helps each other out. If you want to know your stuff and feel confident and qualified for your bartending career, Elite Bartending is where it's at!

Ester Jiron I am officially a licensed bartender thanks to Elite Bartending School. The program is very specific and hands on. Most bartending schools don't allow you to actually get behind a bar to make drinks. This is where Elite is different because classes take place at an actual club with 3 working bars. This is where you learn the most, they allow you to familiarize yourself with bottles, tools, and well stations. Along with the hands on you are also taught drinks, liquors, and very helpful info on everything that goes on in a bar. The program lasts less than 2 weeks and by the end you will know tons of info that makes you a smarter and more efficient bartender. With this course you also get a mixology session and flaring session on the beach which is incredible fun and insightful. Elite Bartending School offers job placement after you have completed the course and they are on their game about it!

I just finished the exams today and already got a job for an event next week! I could not be more happy with Elite Bartending School and the things I have been able to absorb in such little time thanks to the teaching process. Best choice in Miami!!

If you decide to call definitely inquire about the mixology course as well as the flaring course with Kevin. Thank you Elite Bartending and Austin the owner!

andres rairan First off I would like to say I had no idea what I would be getting out of this program or what to expect hearing different stories about "bartending classes" from friends, but Elite Bartending School exceeded all of my expectations and more. I learned practically everything you need to know about what to do when your standing behind a bar. Austin (owner/instructor) was amazing in his teaching methods and really pushed every student to their maximum potential. What I loved the most was the hands-on teaching. He would teach us how to make certain types of drinks and then would literally tell us "I need two volunteers to get back here and make them". I don't know about other people but I feel like I learn way better that way and it showed. Don't get me wrong you have to put the time into the course because there is a lot of information to obtain in a short time period, but if you dedicate your self and pay attention to every detail the instructors tell you there is no reason you shouldn't pass. I am proud to say I am a certified bartender now and its thanks to Elite Bartending!

Frankie Arias This was an excellent course. I really enjoyed everyday of it; it is a well structure and effective program, which takes you through everything you need to know and do behind a bar in just 10 days. Speed is really implemented so you learn how to make more drinks faster, which is a plus. Thanks to Elite Bartending School I am a well trained and licensed bartender.

Elliott Ferber-Pratt Best bar-tending school in Miami, beyond just learning recipes for drinks they give the most practical learning experience one can hope for. Coming out of Elite you'll have hands-on experience that will make you a better bartender than half of the one's in Miami; you'll not only have all the knowledge behind it, but you'll be efficient which means more customers and more tips. Not to mention they also staff for major events like Ultra Music Festival, and Miami's Food and Wine festival among many more.

Joe Piskura Awesome experience.. Awesome teachers.. now lets make some drinks.

Luis Padron Anyone wanting to learn bartending as a job, career, or even as a hobby to impress friends and family head to ELITE BARTENDING SCHOOL!! They teach all the way from basic to flair to mixology bartending. You go in there as a regular guy or girl and come out as a elite bartender.. GREAT TEACHERS Austin and kev know what they are talking about and they actually want to see you succeed and work with you till you get it. Thanks elite bartending!!!

Jasmine Aquino This bartending sch ool is freaking awesome!!!!! The instructors are really nice and very hands on. They have a lot of experience behind the bar and they really want you to succeed. I'm happy that I came here and even though I had 3 years of bartending experience already. I've learned a lot of new things and now I am Certified/Licensed Bartender of Florida. If you ever want to learn how to bartend or just perfect what you already know its DEFINITELY worth it to come HERE!!!!!.... Thanks Kevin and Austin :)

Randall Escalona just got my license yesterday! Can't believe I made it! In a matter of days, I already had over 200 drinks memorized. Austin and Kevin were amazing instructors. They really know what they're doing and they made the class interesting and fun! Austin and Kevin break everything down for us. All we have to do is follow every step listen; and by the end of the course, you'll have everything you need to be a great bartender. I felt much more confident everyday. It was a great experience. They taught me everything I need to know to get behind the bar serving drinks and they even help me get a job! I might even get to work at Ultra Music Festival all thanks to ELITE Bartending!

If you're looking into bartending, this is the place to start! ELITE!

Michelle Morales My sister and I both joined elite bartending school In the end of December 2012 right before the holidays. The class was so exciting and fast paced you learned a new thing everyday! Its 2 weeks of non stop bartending and the best part is that its located in an actual club so its hands on learning. The first day you get right behind the bar and start learning the craft of bartending. All the instructors are amazing and help you fully understand everything. The investment was so worth it we made our tuition plus more in our first event! I highly recommend this to any looking to master the art of bartending or even as a second income. Elite is the place to do it! :-)

Ryan McEwen I have had an excellent experience with 'Elite Bartending School'. I mainly deal with Austin, and it has been a true pleasure. He has staffed me for many events in the Miami area, including Ultra and Chocolate and Wine fest, as well as introduced me to various catering companies that needed bartending help. THANKS!

Zakaria Abdulla I recently graduated from Elite Bartending School. The experience and knowledge I've gained in two short weeks is absolutely insurmountable. They have great instructors that offer the perfect mix of professionalism and friendliness. They never make you feel stupid for asking a million questions and do their best to help you learn as much as you can. They converted me from knowing ZERO behind the bar to being a confident and fast bartender in no time. They really focus on speed and efficiency, which are the two most important things as a bartender. The school itself is the perfect setting since there are three real bars within the club. The best part is after completion of the course, the staff continue to work for you and use their connections to find job opportunities to offer their alumni. They also offer a lifetime membership so once you're done you can always head back to brush up, practice, or improve your skills with ongoing flair and mixology classes for free.

So.. for having incredible instructors, a realistic setting, and offering their alumni the VIP treatment... I give Elite Bartending School A SOLID 3/3!

ali bahsas I think this is the best course you can get, it was really a very enjoyable time learning from the experience of the instructor Austin Gagnon new ways to prepare a variety of excellent drinks in a very short time. Also you get a Florida State Bartender License.

Mary Rolandini to learn more than just my at home bartending, I choose Elite Bartending School because they actually have REAL EXPIERENCED BARTENDERS!!! These guys were amazing, taught us so well, explain everything possible and even answered all of my silly questions. I honestly didn't think it would make such a huge impact on my catering business, but so far Elite has paid off. Thank you so much and I will be returning for extra classes.. Esther


Andew Mar 28, 2012 : they teach you what you want to know and help you find jobs. I just got a job offer today working at the AAA for all the heat games. Thats after they helped me get in to work ultra. Elite bartending is where its at.

Outstanding school

AlanT - Mar 23, 2012 : Outstanding school with owners and staff who work hard to teach you, find you a job and place you at events. If you put in the effort, you will be rewarded. The school's placement assistance helped land me a job at American Airlines Arena. I'm very happy I chose Elite to train me and highly recommend them to anyone who is interested in learning how to bartend. I have yet to meet or hear of anyone who went to the school who had anything but great things to say about it.

Jordan - Mar 19, 2012 : Three years ago I took the bartending class. It goes without saying, that the teachers were excellent and that I learned how to make over 200 drinks. What truly sets Elite from the other bartending schools is what they offer you after you graduate. Day 1 after I graduated, my teacher helped me write my resume. I went to school out of state and when I applied to bartend, my manager told me that he checked out my references (my teachers at Elite) and he has never heard a nicer one before. After college, I moved back to Miami and wanted to start bartending again. Not only did they help me find a job (3 years after I took the class), but just by being an alumnus I get to go to different mixology and flair workshops, such as how to make different mojitos and different spins on martinis... all for free. Normally, these classes cost more than $200, but just by being a graduate of Elite, they are free. If you want to have fun while you learn and then have a staff that still cares about you after you graduate, go to Elite. 3 years in the bartending scene and I have not yet met someone who has had a better experience from their bartending school.. and honestly, I don't think I ever will.

Elite bartending school is amazing,

daniel Mar 12, 2012 : I had known idea i could learn so much in 10 days let alone go on to work ULTRA MUSIC FESTIVAL a week after graduating it’s a great opportunity to learn something new and make a lot of money doing it. They work in a real world setting and prepare you for real world situations if you put in the work you'll get every penny back in the blink of an eye

Is a great bartending school

Ed Dec 30, 2011 : Friendly environment, all instructors are down to earth and very knowledgeable of drinks, and bartending. You will be surprised how much you will learn in 2weeks of class. They help with staffing with events and job opportunities! I currently work at the AAA arena and have worked many events.

Elite Bar-tending school is absolutely amazing!

tyler Dec 8, 2011 : Everything they claim is completely true. The class is very hands on and really does prepare you for a career in bar-tending. It is in Downtown Miami but they offer free parking to all students. When you complete the class they help you look for a job. Austin and Gordon really keep their word and really care about their student. Gordon recently walked me and about 10 other alumni into interviews at the American Airlines Arena and I just received a call today confirming i got the job. Highly recommend this school!

Elite Bartending School was worth every penny.

Zach R Nov 30, 2011 : The class is set up at an actual night club with several full bars for students to learn and practice their new skills. Class sizes are very small in order for the instructor to be able to work with each individual. This class not only licenses you in the state of Florida, but it also teaches you proper technique and how to use it with speed, efficiency, and accuracy. Not an easy course by any means but if the student puts in the time and effort to perfect his/her skills it will pay off. All of the instructors are very friendly and very focused on making sure each student is properly working the bar from every aspect of the trade. They are all bartenders at well-known bars here in the Miami area and can give great examples of any situation you could come up with while tending to a bar. A two handed, free pouring method is mastered at this school and makes for a faster bartender. Even those who have prior experience have a lot to learn from this school and can really take it to the next level by correcting some of the poor habits that may have been obtained over the years. There was never a dull day in the class and always something to learn. Very overwhelming at first but very rewarding when it all starts coming together. I would recommend this school to anyone who wants to learn how to bartend and would recommend it even more for those who have been bartending for years; you would be surprised how much more there is to learn. Since the school also staffs events, there are plenty of opportunities for students to fill in and make some extra money on the side. This school is the way to go and is a great boost to a resume.

I wanted to try something new

Rob Nov 15, 2011 : I wanted to try something new and eventually decided on bartending school. I was a little hesitant to dole out $500, but I can honestly say I got my money's worth. The course is 40 hours and you complete it over the course of two weeks (unless you take the weekend courses). You have the option of taking a morning class, an afternoon class, and an evening class and each session lasts 4 hours. Traffic will be an issue on the way there or on the way back (it took me 20 minutes to get there and sometimes over an hour to get home), but hey, that's Miami for you. Morning classes seem to be the most popular so if you're looking for a smaller class size, consider taking the afternoon class. My class was only five people so I got a lot of one-on-one time with the instructor, Kevin. As other reviews have mentioned, the course is fun but definitely challenging. I think a lot of young people sign up thinking they'll just do shots and BS their way through a common-sense exam, but that is NOT the case. You're expected to learn a TON of material in a short amount of time so studying is a must! You will get to drink real liquor occasionally, but 95% of the time you'll be practicing with water. I was impressed by Kevin and Austin (the owner)'s professional yet easy-going attitudes. They're both very good teachers who are passionate about what they do. Even though my class coincided with a lot of weird conflicts and distractions (Labor Day, job issues, an R Kelly music video, pole dancing auditions, setting up for a UFC fight...no I'm not kidding), they took it in stride and still gave us a really good experience. At the end of the two weeks, you'll take an hour long written exam, a practical, and a pour test. All three can be daunting if you're unprepared, so you're encouraged to study and stay after class to practice your pours and time yourself making multiple long drinks, shots, and martinis. Take the tests seriously! Elite offers opportunities for job placement and they've delivered more than I expected. You'll have access to a forum after you graduate where you can post your resume and sign up for events (the company IS called "Elite Bartending School and Event Staffing" after all). Many gigs require a score of 90% or higher to be eligible but some of the more lucrative events ask for a 95% or higher. This is really only possible if you take the class seriously, memorize your recipes, and practice your rounds and pouring. Because I scored so high, I've booked three events and even got a job interview through the forum. Other perks: 1) Lifetime membership. If you didn't do well or need a brush-up a few months down the line, you can jump into another class for free. 2) They offer a flair and mixology course. 3) They have "open bar" 5-6 days a week where students are allowed to come in and practice making drinks. 4) BBC accredited and state licensed! 5) Great staff, very cool club environment, and an all-around good time. Highly recommended!

TeddyKGB Aug 9, 2011 : The course was both fun and challenging. The instructors are knowledgeable and helpful and make their classes entertaining as well as informative. There is a lot to learn in a short period of time. It's the type of thing where you will get out of it exactly what you put into it..... The only gripe I have about the classes is that the daily starting time would be delayed until all students arrived. Naturally, there was one student who habitually couldn't manage to show up on time, routinely leaving the rest of us sitting there banging our heads off the bar top..... If you work hard you'll learn a lot here. But coming out of the course (in this or any other bartending school) with no prior experience, even if you ace it, you will not be prepared to step into a busy bar or club during prime hours and bartend effectively. This course will only lay the groundwork for your skills. The rest can only come over time, through experience working behind a real bar. The trick is to find your first job so that you are in a position to do so..... The true measure of the quality of any school, in my opinion, is whether its students are able to find jobs (ideally, good jobs). This is where the jury is still out, at least for me, regarding the school (or any bartending school, for that matter)..... Like most other schools, Elite advertises its job placement assistance. And, like most other schools, issues the disclaimer that it does not guarantee employment. Elite does staff occasional events throughout the year. They also staff Heat and Marlins games. But the majority of students who take the course do so with the hope and intention of finding an actual ongoing job at a bar or club..... Upon completion of the course, students are helped to create their “bartending resume.” In my case, this is where things seem to have been left. The possibility of job placement was not discussed. No “connections” to places in the industry were mentioned. I was told to pound the pavement until I found something. And I did extremely well in the course. They do publish weekly job leads on their website, but the ones I've seen so far have been the same ones advertised on job boards. I'm not speaking for everyone who has ever taken or will ever take the course. I'm just saying that in my experience, no type of job assistance has been discussed or offered..... So the bottom line of my experience at Elite is that the school offered me a place where, if I applied myself, I could learn the basics of bartending from knowledgeable instructors in a fun atmosphere, but I'm apparently on my own as far as finding a job goes, which I can't say was entirely unexpected. But I also have to be real and say that when a school touts its job placement assistance and you are a top performing student in the program, you don't hope to effectively hear from them that "yes, we do have job placement assistance but unfortunately not for you." Well, who for then? ..... I do recommend Elite to anyone who would like to learn to bartend. All things considered, I can't imagine that you'll find a better school. And if you score high enough on your exams and qualify to be staffed at their events or Heat/Marlins games, you can make back some of, all of, or much more than the money you spent on the course. You can trust that the school will live up to all that is promised, though possibly not all that is advertised, depending upon how you may interpret the meaning of "job placement assistance." So be advised that all you should expect from them is to provide you with the bicycle, so to speak. Be ready to do the pedaling both during and after the course. Finding a job may be an uphill ride or it may even be a Tour de France type of endurance test. Maybe you'll get lucky and coast into something good. But be prepared to have to work hard to get that first job even though the odds are that it won't be an ideal one, which, unfortunately, may be all that can reasonably be expected from even the best of bartending schools

A great learning experience!

OscarG Jun 20, 2011 : A few years ago, I attended a fairly known bartending school here in Miami. I won’t say their name to prevent throwing them under the bus lol. So I wanted to get back into the trade and I decided to look into Elite. I saw their reviews and I had to go see it for myself. From day one, everyone was nice. The instructor Kevin seemed like he truly wanted the best for his students because I did sit in during one class before I signed up. The place was beautiful. A well-known club in Miami Beach. I decided to do the morning class with Austin since I figured I could stay a bit after to practice and not get any traffic lol. Austin was great. Very knowledgeable and gave many real life experience stories that were priceless. Especially the wet sock! lol I liked the fact that he's also still in the field in a very popular hot spot. So he obviously knows what he's talking about. I met some nice friends in my class. And the whole experience was fun. Everything is laid out so it won’t be too overwhelming. But you sure better study if you want to pass. I got a 95% overall but I did put it some time. Gordon was also very nice and cool. He's the one in charge of the forum and job leads. I never met the female instructor but she seemed nice. Overall, it was a great experience. Besides learning behind a real bar. You get to taste and make real drinks. From margaritas, martini's, mojitos, some shots and shooters, daiquiris. etc. Id def recommend this course to anyone who’s looking to get into this trade or just wants to further expand their knowledge.

It's been a great experience!!

Giuseppe Jun 18, 2011 : The last 2 weeks are been fun and intense, i met a lot of nice people and i feel that i really learn a lot of new things. The teacher were great and at the same time straight, which i love it!! I really suggest this 2 weeks intense course to anybody. I already did my sommelier coarse and now after this 2 weeks i feel much more rounded and ready to approach any kind of job with the necessary knowledge!!

Àsgeir Jun 18, 2011 : I Loved the time I spent there came all the way from Iceland to attend they’re course and it was so worth it!

Absolutely phenomenal!

X_Karel_X Jun 5, 2011 : I have been wanting to bartend for years and as soon as I sat in on one of the classes, I knew I found the right place! The teachers were stupendous and really worked to make sure I understood EVERYTHING about making and serving drinks, they even talked about how to interact with customers in certain situations. My teacher Austin was really supportive and made sure I understood everything and gave us plenty of practice time. They even gave us an hour of flair class which was absolutely amazing, since flair is the reason I first got into bartending. If you want to really learn about bartending, this is the place for you!!!!!

Great school!!

alexandra Jun 3, 2011 : Very friendly environment. Loved every minute of it. I started last week not knowing a thing about bartending and drinks. I had a great teacher. Austin is awesome! He made sure that everyone in the class was comfortable and understanding the program. Now i feel like a pro, and can't wait to start showing off everything Austin thought us. Seriously, 2 weeks ago I didn't know a thing about mixing liquors and liqueurs, or about the 3 Wise men and how they are different from each other. ;)... so 2 thumbs UP Elite! I can't wait to start with the other workshop they have coming soon.

Hands down the BEST bartending school around.

Tesia Jun 2, 2011 : The staff will work with you no matter what skill level and spend as much time needed to get you to your desired skill level. Within 7 days I know SO MUCH about bartending and have even spoken to the Director about a couple of job opportunities he sent me. I came in knowing nothing about bartending. It is one of the only licensed bartending schools... If you think bartending is for you, Elite is the way to go!!!

Elite Bartending is the school to go to get top of the line education in the field of Bartending and Mixology.

Jenner Jun 2, 2011 : It is a great school for beginners, as well as veteran bartenders who want to touch up on their skills. In just 2 weeks they teach you everything there is to know in order to become a great bartender. Austin is a great instructor who emphasizes on speed and efficiency, and provides plenty of insightful advice about the business of bartending. Elite is hands down the best bartending school in Miami.

@EliteBartender: https://t.co/Z0hW6QQZyr
@EliteBartender: Upcoming Day and Evening Classes start Tuesday 6/18 and 7/9. Enroll online now!
@EliteBartender: Upcoming Weekend Class (10pm-4pm) starts Sunday 7/14. Enroll online now!