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Fundamentals of Bartending 1001 - 40hrs

Registration Fee$150
Tuition Fee$550
Books and Materials$50

2 Payment Options starting at $375 down

Terms and Conditions

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I am at LEAST 18 years old. (Photo identification with date of birth is required)

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Elite Bartending School offers job assistance but does not guarantee job placement.

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Student Information
Program Information

Fundamentals of Bartending 1001 Duration: 40 Hours

Hours Per Week: 20 x 2 weeks or 10 x 4 Sundays

Payment Options

Registration Fee $150.00

Tuition $550.00

Books and Materials $50.00

Total Program Cost $750.00

Option 1 - Registration Fee

By selecting this option you are choosing to secure a seat in the upcoming class of your choice by providing a registration fee ($150). This is the minimum payment accepted for enrollment in the class. **

Option 2 - Paid In Full

By selecting this option you are choosing to pay tuition in full ($750). This includes all registration fees and materials, and will secure placement in the upcoming class of your choice. **

Option 3 - Payment Plan

By selecting this option you are choosing to pay your full tuition using our payment plan. The first payment is due at the time of enrollment ($375), followed by a final payment at the end of the first week of class ($375). A valid credit card or debit card must remain on file till final payment is collected. If payment can not be made due to an inactive account or a decline of card, the student could face debt collection and will be responsible for any legal fees occurred trying to collect such debt. **

**Elite Bartending School, LLC. requires a $150.00 registration fee that is non-refundable at student's time of enrollment. For full refund policies see page 2 of students handbook or email admissions@elitebartendingschool.com for a copy. All refunds will be made within 30 days of reciept of a cancellation notice submitted in writing or email from student.

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